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Rowan Class Summer 2017/18 Topic


We will start the term with Creative Arts week where all our creative work will begin with  exploring Rousseau’s painting ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’. I have chosen this painting because for the rest of the term our topic will be themed around animals. In the first half of the term, Year R will begin by finding out about pets; what they need and how we look after them, then we will move on to naming and describing wild animals. After half term, Year R will focus on mini-beasts leading up to their mainstream class trip to Wisley. In Years 1, 2 and 3 our topic will be called ‘Animals around the world’. We will start by exploring animals that live in the wild in the UK, then move on to focus on animals that live in hot places in the world then cold countries. Having concentrated on factual reading and writing in the first half of the term. After half term we will explore stories that have animals as their main characters. We will also be planning and writing our own animal stories. The whole of Rowan class will end the year by finding out about animals that live in the sea and in rock pools, as well as discussing our summer holiday plans.  In maths, Year R will be counting to 10 and beyond, recognising and writing numerals as well as adding and taking away small amounts. Years 1, 2 and 3 will be exploring addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as 3D shapes and money. One of the highlights of our term will be the Rowan trip to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground which, as well as being a fantastic day out, will give all the children lots to talk about and remember once we are back in school.

Vision statement for Rowan class (COIN centre)

Rowan Class is a specialist centre for children, aged between 4 and 8 with Speech, Language and Communication Needs. Our children who are of Reception age integrate into their mainstream classes for the morning and receive specialist teaching and speech and language therapy in the afternoon. Children from the centre who are in Key Stagse 1 and 2 are taught Maths and English in a specialist environment in the morning as well as receiving speech and language therapy and integrate into a mainstream class for Foundation subjects in the afternoon.

In Reception we follow The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Our Reception sessions are planned and organised to give children a wide variety of play opportunities both in the classroom and in our own outside area. The children in Key Stages 1 and 2 are taught using the Primary National Curriculum England, which was introduced in September 2014.

As in the other Key Stages 1 and 2 classes, Maths and English are taught discretely although links are always made with other learning. Each half term a new ‘English’ topic is introduced with the children. This is carefully chosen to ensure a variety of speaking, writing and reading opportunities. For example, our ‘Jolly Postman’ topic began with an exploration of the book by Janet and Alan Albergh making links with the traditional stories mentioned in the book. We found out about the job of a postman as well as writing and posting our own letters. We then went on to write our own Jolly Postman book, which we shared with another class. Each topic gives purpose and motivation to our language work.

A different element of maths is taught each week and this is carefully planned over a term to ensure breadth but also time to revisit topics. Emphasis is put on linking our maths with every day life, using maths language correctly as well as verbalising learning.

All sessions, for each age range, are very much tailored to moving each child on in their learning from wherever their starting point. Time is given to modelling spoken and written language as well as giving the children as many opportunities as possible to talk in different situations both in and out of school.