The Recovery Curriculum

Recovery Curriculum 

When pupils return to school there will be a Recovery Curriculum in place which addresses not only the potential gaps in their academic attainment but focuses on health and mental well-being, too. Research places emphasis on acknowledging the losses our pupils will have encountered during the COVID lockdown: loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity, and freedom, as these can trigger responses of anxiety, trauma, and bereavement. 

Our recovery curriculum will be designed to focus on the following principles  

  • Mental health and well-being support 
  • Personal, social, health and economic education 
  • Physical health education 
  • Quality play and outside learning                                                                             
  • Assessment for recovery 
  • A broad and balanced curriculum 
  • Supporting disadvantaged pupils and those with special educational needs and disabilities  
  • Supporting our parents and community 


What do we mean by COVID catch up at WEPS? 

  • Readiness to learn 
  • Targeted academic and pastoral intervention 
  • Leadership 
  • Curriculum 


Teachers are always adapting lessons to suit the requirements of learners – this has not changed. We know that not all pupils will have had the same learning experience at home and may not have covered all online work set, but many will also have new skills to bring to the learning environment they can share. It is important to us that pupils do not feel they have missed any learning opportunities and are reassured that there are so many exciting activities for everyone to be part of as we return to school

You can access our Recovery Curriculum document here:

Our Recovery Curriculum Document

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