West Ewell Primary School and Nursery

Happy Days - Bright Futures
Part of the Bourne Education Trust

Teacher Contacts

You can contact the teachers using the email addresses below. please allow 24 hours for a response

Mrs Bennett mbennett@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Cook-Abbott icook-abbott@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Thomas wthomas@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Bacciarelli (Cherry Class) kbacciarelli@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Makepeace (Oak Class) smakepeace@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs White (Oak and Holly Class) rwhite@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Moggridge (Maple Class and Nursery) cmoggridge@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Blythen (Holly Class) cblythen@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Archer (Willow Class) carcher@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Larter (Willow Class) jlarter@west-well.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Rennles (Sycamore Class) arennles@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Light (Hazel Class) slight@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Heffernan (Poplar Class) vheffernan@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs McGrath (Larch Class) kmcgrath@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Ms Stammers (Hawthorn) kstammers@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Moreland (Spruce) lgrey@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Whitton (Eucalyptus) lwhitton@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Light (Aspen) jlight@west-well.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Cook (Blackthorn) dcook@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Jamalzadeh (Magnolia) mjamalzadeh@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Edge (Rowan Hub) cedge@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Chalker (Rowan) kchalker@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk


For queries that need a response from the school office, please email

Miss Watt kwatt@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk