West Ewell Primary School and Nursery

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Our Curriculum Intent

At West Ewell Primary School our curriculum intent is to provide an exciting and creative curriculum that meets the needs of every child to prepare them to thrive in our rapidly changing world. We aim to create learners who are resourceful, respectful, resilient, reflective and responsible. These are our school values which underpin each part of our curriculum.

We have designed a curriculum which is driven by exciting topics that are meaningful and relevant to our learners and that foster a love of learning.  Our broad and balanced curriculum enables all children to access a diverse range of experiences which enhance the Early Years Foundation Stage in Nursery and Reception and the National Curriculum in Key Stages One and Two. Knowledge and skills are purposefully structured to enable progression across each subject, year on year, whilst also allowing for children to apply their learning in an interconnected way across subjects.  

Our curriculum is made unique by the creativity in which it is delivered. At West Ewell we use every opportunity we can to enrich our curriculum through exciting experiences such as wow starters to topics, workshops, special events, residential visits and school trips.


Our curriculum aims are:

  • To provide a happy, safe and inspiring learning environment where every child can thrive and be the very best that they can be
  • To engage each child through inspiring teaching which motivates and challenges
  • To foster each child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • To promote British values of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, resect and tolerance
  • To instil a love of learning and growth mind set
  • To nurture each child’s mental wellbeing and self-esteem
  • To teach empathy skills to create a culture of kindness
  • To provide an inclusive curriculum which enables all learners flourish
  • To promote diversity through participation in experiences which develop understanding and respect of different cultures and religions
  • To provide opportunities for children to make a positive contribution to their local community and as global citizens
  • To offer a wide range of creative enrichment activities and experiences which will give our children lifelong memories of their time at primary school
  • To teach children to have the confidence and resilience to take on challenges so that they develop the independence needed to begin Secondary school