West Ewell Primary School and Nursery

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At West Ewell Primary School, we aim to deliver a high quality, broad, balanced and inclusive history curriculum. We strive to inspire and instil in pupils a curiosity and fascination about Britain’s past and past societies of the wider world and how this has influenced the present and shaped British Values.

We will develop the children’s historical knowledge and the skills of questioning, researching, considering evidence, comparing and reasoning. This will be achieved through an inspiring, progressive and engaging curriculum with the use of fieldwork and educational visits

Furthermore, children will be equipped with knowledge about the school’s own rich history within the context of the local and wider area of Epsom and Ewell.

History is taught through engaging topics (both British and world history) using an enquiry focussed approach. The key knowledge and skills of each topic have been identified to ensure progression across the school.  There are strong links between the history curriculum and English enabling further contextual learning. The local area is also fully utilised to achieve the desired outcomes, with extensive opportunities for learning outside the classroom embedded in practice. We structure learning through big question led enquiries.  Within our knowledge-rich approach, children are given opportunities to master and apply critical thinking skills.  The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) follows the Development Matters in the EYFS guidance which aims for all children in reception to develop an understanding of the world, people and communities, the world and technology. 


By the end of year 6, children will have a chronological understanding of British history from the Stone Age to the present day. They can draw comparisons and make connections between different time periods and their own lives. Pupils can articulate their knowledge and understanding to answer the big question posed at the beginning. The outcomes of each enquiry enable the teacher to build an emerging picture of what each pupil knows, understands and can do.