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Pupil Independence

At West Ewell Primary School, we work hard to nurture independence in our pupils and it is important to us that our pupils feel confident and safe in all aspects of school life. In line with this, we have developed our Pupil Independence Policy to give guidance to parents and carers on acceptable independent pupil conduct.


As our pupils get older, parents and carers may wish them to walk to and/or from school unaccompanied. Due to the location of our school, and its proximity to the main road, the school requires all children to be accompanied to and from school, until the summer term of Year 5.


If you would like your Year 6 or Year 5 (summer term only) child to journey to and/or from school independently, you need to give your permission in advance. To do this you can fill in our permission form in one of two ways:

1. Either complete the online form via the link below – this can be done from a mobile device and should take you less than a minute:


2. Or complete and return the form which can be downloaded here.


You can read our Pupil Independence and Mobile Phone Policy by clicking here.