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What the parents say...

Here are some quotes from parents from a Clubs survey...

  • "Great choice and my son had fun. I've also seen great improvements in the organisation when collecting him after the club which is great."
  • "They have all been interesting and enjoyed by my child. I also think it's a great way of children getting to know others in higher years, the school itslf and the teachers."
  • "Lucky children having so many opportunities for clubs!"
  • "I think what you offer is brilliant. My daughter loves it and I think it's great that you offer a variety."
  • “Great preparation for going into Year One. A nice range of activities to choose from. Very much enjoyed by my daughter!”
  • “My child is very shy and wasn’t too keen on trying a club at first but loved it and has signed up for another this term. It’s great to see him enjoying something out of the comfort of his class!”
  • “The school offers a wide range of after-school activities that give the children a great opportunity to try new things. I know my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed all the clubs she’s attended this year.”
  • “Very good program, gives my child a chance to do something and learn something that she most probably would not have had a lot of exposure to before. She loved the gardening club and also the dance club. Told me all about it every night when she came home.”
  • “Great value for money, my daughter loves it.”

Several parents requested an email message to say if their child did not secure a place. This is now up and running.