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Questions and Answers


When questions are submitted to the Working Party via thayford@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk, we will post the answers here:


  • When will you be contacting nursery parents about the changes from September 2016?


We will be contacting Nursery parents in January to ask them to indicate their preferences for these flexible options and we will try to accommodate everyone’s preferences.


  • What will the admission criteria be for Nursery?

For 3-4 year olds, we will continue to use the Surrey County Council admissions criteria. This means that the County Council will prioritise applications as follows: 1.Looked after children 2. Exceptional circumstances 3. Siblings 4. Distance between school and home address 5. Any other applicant.

Places for September 2016 will be offered in January/ February.

  • Will lunch be provided at the nursery? 

We would like to be able to offer lunch for the nursery children. This will be dependent on a number of issues to be agreed with Surrey. We will update you as soon as we have any new information about this.

  • How many places will be offered in September 2016 for nursery?  

We are planning to provide 8 places per session for 2 year olds.

38 per session for 3 and 4 year olds (Some of these places will be for children placed in the Pre School Centre for children with Speech Language and Communication Needs - numbers to be confirmed)

  • How many places will be offered for Reception in September 2016 and September 2017? 

In September 2016 we have three Reception classes, so we will admit 90 children. In September 2017 we will have two Reception classes, so we will admit 60 children.

  • The children currently in Year 1 will always be the oldest children in the school as they move up through the year groups. How is the school going to prepare those children for moving to secondary school, especially adjusting to being around much older children, when they won't have been at school with older children for 5 years?

We recognise that this may be a challenge and will ensure that the Senior Leadership Team keep this as a focus. Within school we will seek opportunities for children to work in different groups and change these groupings and even mix classes to allow children to develop the skills to initiate new friendships and to be confident to work with a wider peer group. We will continue to have a school council, playground buddies and will look to provide opportunities for children to take on additional leadership responsibilities as they progress through the school supporting the younger children below them.

We will continue to work closely with other schools in our local area where there is a well-established and successful transition group. (This group is made up of teachers from each of the schools in the borough) Historically we have organised music and dance festivals, art exhibitions and football tournaments to name a few of the opportunities the children have had to work with older children which we will of course continue with. We will seek further opportunities for year 7 children to visit and work alongside our children where possible.

I have already discussed the pros and cons of this issue with the headteacher of Southfield Park and she tells me the positives far outweigh any challenges and that the children in her school made excellent progress and went on to achieve excellent GCSE results this year.


  • I have a child currently in Year 2 and another in Reception at WEIS. My older child will have to move for Year 3 in September 2016 and I hope this will be to Danetree. Will it be possible for my younger child to also benefit from the sibling transfer policy to move to Danetree too when they get to Year 3, so I have both children in the same school?

We have raised this question with Surrey and have been advised that this will not be an option. If parents have any further enquiries we suggest you Contact Mr J Broad at Danetree Junior School.


  • I have a child in Year R and a younger child not yet of school age. If all current Year 1 children stay at WEIS for year 3 and beyond, do you have any idea of the number of siblings potentially coming into the school over the next few years? Will there be more siblings than places available when we are a two form entry primary school?

Historically we know that there are 25 – 30 siblings on average in each year group. Although we cannot say for certain we are confident that there will be enough places for all siblings.


  • How will the curriculum change?

We will continue to follow the national curriculum. We provide a creative and challenging curriculum which will continue to build on the early experiences the children have had with us in Key stage 1. We will continue to focus on developing each child’s individual interests and talents and enrich our curriculum in a variety of ways to support this. We are excited to be able offer a Modern Foreign Language and will update you nearer the time on the language we choose include in our curriculum We also look forward to extending our range of clubs and activities to enhance the children’s opportunities.