Parents can choose whether their child has a school dinner, cooked on-site by our kitchen staff, or whether they bring in a packed lunch from home, and you can switch between these options as you wish. We have 3 choices of meal on offer each day, as well as the 'Packed Lunch from home' option. Parents make meal choices for their child via our online system, Arbor. This can be done in bulk for each half term, or picked daily for the following day's meal. All choices must be made in advance no later than 11:30pm the night before the meal.

Please keep us informed of any dietary requirements your child has.

School Dinner

Our menus are rotated every 3 weeks, and you can view our current menu choices below.

School dinners are free for children in Years R, 1 and 2. For children in other years and in Nursery, there is a charge for school dinners – currently £2.70 per day.

School dinners are paid for online. Payments should be made half-termly or weekly in advance, and your account must always be in credit. The money for school dinners goes directly to Surrey County Council.

Unfortunately, if your school dinner account is more than 2 weeks in arrears, you will have to send your child in with a packed lunch until the debt is cleared.

If your child has a school dinner and is going to be absent from school for any reason, (e.g. illness, medical appointment, etc.), please leave a message on the School Absence Line (020 8393 2417 option 1) by 9.00am to let us know whether they require lunch that day. Providing we hear from you by 9.00am, we are able to cancel your child’s meal for that day so you will not be charged.


Packed Lunch

If your child would prefer to bring in a packed lunch on some days, you must select the 'Packed Lunch from home' option when choosing their meal each day. If your child will bring in a packed lunch every day, and never wants to have a school dinner, please contact the School Office and we can remove the choices option for you so you won't need to select meals for each day.

We ask that you include healthy choices in your child’s packed lunch, for example: sandwiches, fruit/vegetables, water. Please do not include chocolate bars, sweets, energy drinks or fizzy drinks.

Please note: Packed lunches must not include nut-based ingredients, i.e. Nutella or peanut butter. We are a nut-free school as we have children with life-threatening nut allergies.

Dietary Requirements

It is essential that we know about any dietary requirements or restrictions that your child has. Please make sure you complete the Special Diet Request Form, even if your child has no dietary requirements or brings in a packed lunch. Any changes to your child’s dietary requirements must be notified to the School Office immediately.

Special Diet Request Form

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