School Council

School Council Introduction

‘Children have the right to give their opinion, and for adults to listen and take it seriously.’ Article 12, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
‘Ensure that all pupils within school have a voice that is listened to, and demonstrate how democracy works by actively promoting democratic processes.’ Department for Education Guidance on SMSC and British Values.

At West Ewell Primary School and Nursery we believe in the value of every child’s voice, regardless of their age. We have a School Council made up of 18 nominated children, representing each of the classes within our school from Nursery, through to Year 6. The School Council meets at least once every half term depending on the decisions that need making.

Previous School Councillors have attended meetings and given feedback on improving school lunches, purchased games and resources to improve play times, introduced suggestion boxes in each classroom and run a school wide poster competition highlighting the importance of speaking out if you are worried.

This year’s elected School Council:

Lizzie (Oak), Max (Cherry), Freddie (Maple), Olivia (Holly), Maverick (Sycamore), Flynn (Willow), Rosie (Poplar), Fletcher (Larch), Katie (Spruce), Malkia (Eucalyptus), Kitty (Aspen), Iona (Magnolia), Cooper (Wisteria) and Logan (Silver Birch)

School council 2023 24

School Council Minutes 2023-2024

Minutes for 30th January 2024

Minutes for 3rd January 2024

School Council Minutes 2022-2023

Minutes for 17th January 2023

Minutes for 18th October 2022

Minutes for 23rd May 2022

Minutes for 25th January 2022

School Council Suggestion Boxes

This box is for suggestions for things to improve our school. The school council will look in it before each meeting and bring the suggestions to share them and decide what suggestions we can do something about and what things are not our jobs.

If you have an idea please write it on a piece of paper and put it in.

Please don’t put silly things in the box, please think about your suggestion before you write it down.

Written by Brooke, Sophia and Mert – Past Year 3 Reps

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