International Links

West Ewell Primary School and Nursery currently has links to two schools overseas - Greenery House Nursery in Chile, South America and Golden Bell School in Uganda, Africa. We communicate with both schools via email, sharing class diaries and house challenges! We have recently begun to develop relationships with some schools in France too. The children enjoy learning about life in other countries from these direct links. 

French Penpal Scheme

Years Three and Four are learning French as part of the Modern Foreign Language (MFL) curriculum. To make their learning more meaningful, we have forged an international school partnerships with schools across France, with whom we have started regular communication with a one-to-one penpal. So far we have sent Christmas and Easter cards which we practised writing in French. We have written about ourselves to introduce us to our penpal and we have received letters of introduction from France too - written in our home language - to practise reading and understanding a different language. Later this year, we plan to share videos of us practising a dialogue in French for our penpal to comment upon - and we will receive videos in English as they practise their language skills too.

Here is a recent message from Chile:

Hope you had a good start! We are sending our entry about the visit of the zoo to our school! They set a display of several animals which allow the children to visit each 'station' to discover and encounter the wonders of animals around the world. We even had an alligator so that they could see it closely!
The second set of pictures is about our national Independence Day which is in September. Teachers and students dance our different national traditional dances, prepare and eat our traditional food (empanadas which look pretty much like Cornish pasties) and dress with our traditional costumes which resemble what country people used to wear. Hope you all enjoy it. 

The most recent update from Golden Bell School:

Our usual Monday circles are used to introduce our pupils to a new week. The circles are always spiced with anthems, friendly prayers, news presentations, guest speakers and plays! Together we can "Discover The Excellence" - as our motto goes.

Looking to find out more about our school community, the school staff shared their cultural heritage, including their birth country and the languages they speak. We discovered lots of things about each other that we didn't know before!

Our Heritage and Culture Staff Survey

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