Pupil Leadership Team

What is the Pupil Leadership Team?

The Pupil Leadership Team work closely with the school community and Senior Leadership Team to represent pupil voice on behalf of all children at WEPS.
They lead by example and act as ambassadors both in and out of school.

Head Boy and Head Girl 2023-2024 

Head girl and boyFin and Evie






Pupil Leadership Team 2023-2024

PLTCharly, Mel, Logan, Jessie, Obadia, Joe, Finley and Hannah




When children go into Reception at West Ewell Primary, they are placed in a House Team, with siblings and families usually placed in the same team.

We have four teams which are Hogsmill (blue), Bourne (yellow), Horton (green) and Ruxley (red).

House points are awarded both in class and around the school for effort, attitude and achievement. The children receive a coloured token for their house which are collected together in class. At the end of the week the Pupil Leadership Team collect the counters from the classes and place them in the main containers by the school office. In-school competitions take place throughout the school year, including sports day, and the house cup is awarded at the end of each term to the team with the most points.

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