Teacher Contact Details

You can contact the teachers using the email addresses below. Please allow 24 hours for a response

Mrs Bennett, Headteacher bennettm@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Geary, Deputy Head gearyg@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Cook, Assistant Head cookd@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Makepeace (SENCo) makepeaces@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Bacciarelli (Nursery) bacciarellik@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Rose (Cherry Class) rosei@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Moggridge (Oak Class) moggridgec@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Mooney (Holly Class) mooneye@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Cato (Holly Class) carrollj@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk 

Miss Attrill (Maple Class) attrille@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Light (Willow Class) lights@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Jara (Sycamore Class) jaral@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Whitton (Poplar Class) whittonl@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Collis (Larch Class) collish@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Light (Spruce Class) lightj@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Parsons (Eucalyptus Class) parsonss@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Cook (Aspen Class) cookd@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Moreland (Aspen Class) morelandl@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Twomey (Magnolia Class) twomeyl@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Jay (Wisteria Class) jamalzadehm@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Farrall (Silver Birch Class) farrallh@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Miss Gladwell (Rowan Class) gladwelle@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk

Mrs Skilton (Rowan Hub) skiltonc@west-ewell.surrey.sch.uk


For queries that need a response from the school office, please email


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