Curriculum Intent

Our Curriculum Intent

At West Ewell Primary School our curriculum is inspiring, immersive, and inclusive for every child, every day.  We aim to create learners who are resourceful, respectful, resilient, reflective and responsible. These are our school values which underpin each part of our curriculum. 

We have designed a broad and balanced curriculum which enhances the Early Years Foundation Stage in Nursery and Reception and the National Curriculum in Key Stages One and Two. Our curriculum is driven by engaging topics that provide meaningful and relevant experiences, fostering a love of learning for our pupils. Knowledge and skills are purposefully sequenced to enable progression so that pupils know more and remember more, applying their learning in an interconnected way across subjects. 

At West Ewell Primary School, we value reading as a crucial life skill. By teaching every child to read for pleasure and purpose, we provide pupils with the foundations to unlock access to the whole curriculum. We are a language focussed school, building on pupils’ vocabulary through explicit teaching and providing opportunities for speaking and listening. We aim for pupils to leave our school with the language skills which will enable them to communicate clearly and confidently, preparing them for their future journey through education and beyond.

At West Ewell, we use every opportunity we can to enrich our curriculum through exciting experiences such as immersive starters to topics, workshops, special events, visitors, school trips and links with secondary schools.  These experiences are outlined in our WEPS ‘Learning Guarantees’  WEPS Learning guarantees - West Ewell Primary School & Nursery ( which demonstrate our commitment to developing the whole child.  

Our curriculum aims are:

  • To provide a happy, safe and inspiring learning environment where every child can thrive and be the very best that they can be
  • To engage each child through inspiring teaching which motivates and challenges
  • To foster each child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • To promote British values of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, resect and tolerance
  • To instil a love of learning and growth mind set
  • To nurture each child’s mental wellbeing and self-esteem
  • To teach empathy skills to create a culture of kindness
  • To provide an inclusive curriculum which enables all learners flourish
  • To promote diversity through participation in experiences which develop understanding and respect of different cultures and religions
  • To provide opportunities for children to make a positive contribution to their local community and as global citizens
  • To offer a wide range of creative enrichment activities and experiences which will give our children lifelong memories of their time at primary school
  • To teach children to have the confidence and resilience to take on challenges so that they develop the independence needed to begin Secondary school


- Feb 2
This week Reception have been learning about the Post Office and postal workers. Each child carefully wrote a letter, put it in an envelope and added their address and a stamp. Today Oak Class walked to the post box to post their letters. I wonder if we'll get any replies...— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) February 2, 2024
- Feb 1
Silver Birch had an incredible morning today where we extended our knowledge of the circulatory system. Thank you to Mrs Barnes from @BlenheimEpsom!— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) February 1, 2024
- Jan 31
Magnolia spent their maths lesson exploring multiplying mixed number fractions by integers. They loved having the chance to solve calculations on the tables.— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 31, 2024
- Jan 26
Year 2 tested different designs of parachute in DT yesterday. We used some of our science skills to help by only changing one thing at a time to try to make it a fair test. Our results will help us to design our own parachutes in our next DT lesson.y— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 26, 2024
- Jan 26
In Year 4, pupils have been furthering their understanding of states of matter. This week, we explored the questions where we find gas and does gas weigh anything.— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 26, 2024
- Jan 26
Year 5 explored how different materials and substances changed when they were mixed with water. We made predictions and then observed what happened.— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 26, 2024
- Jan 25
Yesterday, Reception were really lucky to have a visit from some firefighters and their fire engine! We learnt about how they help in our local community, climbed on board for a closer look and even got to try out spraying water from their hoses!— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 25, 2024
- Jan 17
Today Reception were visited by 2 police officers from The British Transport Police! We learnt all about how the police can help us and some of the jobs they do in our community. We even got to try on some of their uniform! @BTP— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 17, 2024
- Jan 16
We are extremely excited to share our brand new school video! Please watch below where you can learn more about our vibrant and inspiring school. You can find the full video on our website:— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) December 15, 2023
- Jan 12
This week Year 4 have been really enjoying their daily swimming lessons. They have been showing lots of resilience and are make great progress. More to come next week!— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 12, 2024
- Jan 11
Year 6 had a fantastic workshop all about the Titanic this week. We immersed ourselves in our topic to help support our history work and also our writing. We will begin writing our non-chronological reports about the famous vessel today.— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 11, 2024
- Jan 11
Year 2 had a great gymnastics session testing flexibility with Caroline last week. We are looking forward to our next session tomorrow.— West Ewell Primary School (@west_ewell) January 11, 2024
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