Statement of Behaviour Principles

At West Ewell Primary School we place high value on providing an environment characterised by excellent behaviour and underpinned by respectful relationships. We believe that high quality teaching and pupil learning develop within a school community where there is a positive and inclusive culture. Such a culture is evident by the behaviour of its entire staff using good interpersonal skills and a high involvement with its pupils.

We continually promote high standards of behaviour and positive relationships in order that the highest quality learning and teaching takes place at our school and we ensure a consistent approach as pupils, teachers, learning assistants, non-teaching staff, parents, carers and governors all share the responsibility for promoting good behaviour. We expect all staff to support our School Behaviour Policy by praising good behaviour and challenging negative behaviour.

By establishing the importance of courtesy, consideration and good manners at all times to the adults and pupils who form our school community, promotion of our 5R values and respect for the buildings and site, we aim to create a happy, safe and fulfilling place in which to learn and work.

You can find our School Behaviour Policy in the Key Information and Policies area.

WEPS Statement of Behaviour Principles

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