West Ewell Primary School and Nursery

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sPecialist centres

Pre-school speech, language and communication needs centre (nursery) and communication and interaction needs centre - low-complexity (yr to y6)

Our Primary COIN centre caters for children with recognised developmental language disorders. The children are taught both in small groups in the centre as well as integrating into mainstream classes where they are taught with their peers. The centre staff work very closely with the speech and language therapist and assistant, as well as the mainstream teachers, to enable all children to develop their full learning potential as well as developing social inclusion for all children.


We also have 8 part-time places in the Pre-School Centre for Speech, Language and Communication Needs (PSLCN) in our Nursery. The children access the same mainstream Curriculum as their peers with staff providing strategies to enable them to reach their full potential while also receiving intensive Speech and Language Therapy on-site. 

Please note that children are only able to access either of the SLCN Centres if they have been offered a place via SEN Panels.