West Ewell Primary School and Nursery

Happy Days - Bright Futures
Part of the Bourne Education Trust

Staff Organisation  

Subject Leaders 2019/2020

Art and Design - Sam Makepeace

Computing - Sarah Light

Design and Technology - Kiri Stammers

English reading - Katie McGrath

English writing - Lucy Gray

Enrichment - Claire Moggridge

Geography - Alex Staples and Rachel White

Handwriting - Kristy Chalker

History - Julie Larter and Maryaam Jamalzeh

Inclusion Manager - Wendy Thomas

International Schools and Eco Schools - Claire Blythen 

Maths - Claire Archer

Medical Needs - Wendy Thomas

Modern Foreign Languages - Helene Steculorum

More Able/Gifted and Talented - Katie McGrath

Music - Alexia Rennles

PE - David Cook

Religious Education and Collective Worship - Catherine Edge

School Council - Sam Makepeace

Science - Val Heffernan