At West Ewell Primary School we will develop the children’s critical thinking through designing products for a purpose. We are committed to developing the children’s planning and trialling skills, as well as their discussion of what features a product might need to be effective. We give opportunities to strengthen the skill of reflection through analysing initial trials and to then suggest possible adaptations. Through exploring different techniques, we aim for the children to become more decisive in their own opinions in explaining what they have done well and what they would do differently next time.


Our Design and Technology curriculum will be delivered to the children through projects. The children will be given a problem, to which they must find a solution, and the context the problem has. This will enable the children to tailor their solution to the person for whom it was designed. There will be time given to researching existing items and techniques and evaluate their effectiveness.  

Children will use a booklet to enable them to generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas. This will be in the form of discussion, annotated sketches, diagrams and prototypes. After prototypes have been made, the children will have the chance to adapt their design from their findings, before creating their final pieces.  

Time will be given to evaluate the effectiveness of the product created, thinking about elements which were effective and what the children would like to change if they had the chance to create another piece.  


Children will gain an understanding of critical thinking, be able to voice their opinion and to trust their judgement. Children will try out their ideas, not being afraid to make mistakes, instead learning from them. Our pupils will be able to justify both their original choices and new adaptations to their ideas. They will also be able to reflect on progress and effectiveness of their design.  

WEPS DT Programme of Study


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