The intent of our PSHE curriculum at West Ewell Primary School is to provide our children with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, values and skills they need in order to reach their full potential as individuals and as members of the wider community. As individuals, we aim for our pupils to leave WEPS as healthy, independent, confident and resilient children who possess a strong sense of self-worth. As members of the wider community, we aim for our pupils to leave WEPS as responsible, respectful and reflective citizens who are emotionally-prepared for the next stage of life and beyond. We aim to achieve this not only through our embedded PSHE curriculum, but we also reinforce these personal skills and attributes through our whole school ethos and values.


The implementation of our PSHE education takes place in multiple ways. Primarily, it is given dedicated learning time through weekly discrete PSHE sessions based on a particular unit of work per half-term. Not only does this prove its’ important within our curriculum but allows children the necessary time to reflect on their personal and social development on a regular basis. Within these weekly sessions, lessons are delivered through a wide range of teaching and learning styles, incorporating the use of videos, pictures and practical resources to support every child from every background. The planning is based on a spiral curriculum, ensuring that whilst the learning is developmentally appropriate for each age/stage of their lives, it continues to challenge and progress the children’s knowledge and understanding each year. In addition to weekly lessons, PSHE plays a vital role in building and sustaining our whole school ethos. Through assemblies, external visitors, interactive workshops and whole school fundraising events, our pupils are given the opportunity to learn about their wider community in order to prepare them for life, both within and beyond school. 


The impact of our PSHE curriculum will be evident through our pupil’s attitudes and abilities, both whilst at school and beyond. Within their time at WEPS, they will be happy, positive and confident learners who aren’t afraid to take risks and engage in challenges in order to better themselves, both personally and academically. They will possess a strong sense of self-worth with a unique understanding for their own strengths and abilities, independently striving to reach their full potential. Not only will they have a positive relationship with themselves, but a wide range of healthy relationships with peers and adults across the school.  Our pupils will leave WEPS as responsible and respectful members of the wider community, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for the secondary school and beyond.  

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