It is our intention when teaching the MFL curriculum that it enables our pupils to learn about and foster an interest in another language and culture other than their own.  

At the heart of the MFL curriculum is the desire to develop personal qualities such as reflection and tolerance. It will make a major contribution to their communication, phonics, grammar and vocabulary skills, whilst enriching and raising awareness of other cultures through intercultural understanding. Our pupils will become increasingly familiar with the sounds and written form of a modern foreign language. 

We want to promote an enthusiastic and positive attitude to other language and language learning so that when children move on to KS3 they feel inspired and confident for further language learning.  


MFL is taught weekly for 60 minutes sessions in KS2 and the children are taught within their own year group. The curriculum is based on Sue Cave’s French KS2 Scheme of Work and French physical phonics, and divided into half-term units.  

The lessons are planned to be highly engaging and inclusive covering. The children will: 

  • Take part in a wide range of speaking and listening activities (role play scenarios, songs and games)  

  • Write increasingly complex words, phrases and sentences  

  • Share, read and participate in traditional French stories and rhymes 

  • Learn about traditional French customs and aspects of French culture and compare them to their own 

  • Play games to support the learning and application of new vocabulary 

At the end of each week, the class teacher will receive an email outlining the lesson content which supports homework (reinforcement of key vocabulary) and celebrates the achievement of two ‘linguists of the week’ per class. 

Language progression

Year 3

Sounds, words, simple sentences

Year 4

Simple sentences, questions patterns

Year 5

More complex sentences and questions

Year 6

Initiating and manipulating language



Through our engaging MFL programme, children develop a love of language and are able to make comparisons with their own language. Children have the confidence to apply and transfer their skills and knowledge so that they leave West Ewell Primary School with strong foundation in French and ready to pursue further study in KS3. Their achievements in MFL are celebrated at the end of Year 6 through the presentation of a certificate and award at our end of Key Stage 2 celebration assembly.   

WEPS MFL Programme of Study

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